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My Boo Herboo

Through the Love Not Likes Network I was introduced to the Herboo Botanicals Body Oil. The body oil was one of the products we received in our goodie bag on the first Love Not Likes excursion trip.

The body and face oil is a natural product with ingredients of jojoba oil, coconut oil and sage essential oil. This unique blend has many benefits and uses. It reduces dark spots on your skin, especially around your eyes and moisturizes your skin. One layer of application on your skin leaves your skin feeling soft. If you have eczema issues, this body oil helps with that as well, minimizing the effects of eczema. I also use the oil to remove my makeup as well.

I also discovered I can use this as a form of sun block. My skin is sensitive and anytime I go to the beach or pool I have to use sunblock or my skin burns. One particular day I went to the pool with some friends and I forgot my sunblock, but I had the Herboo Botanicals Body Oil so I put a layer on my skin. After a day out by the pool in the hot sun, to my surprise my skin didn't get burnt. I was shocked! So the body oil has many uses and best of all its all natural. No parabens and no sulphates.

I've been on a natural hair journey for about five years now and it's important to me that my shampoo and conditioner is all natural. I've tried many products and I currently bounce around two products (I will talk more about that in another post). I've now added Herboo Botanicals' Deep Cleansing Dual Shampoo + Conditioner to my list of trusted all natural products. First of all it's a shampoo and conditioner in one. It comes in a small bottle so it's great for when your traveling.

I've been using it for about three months now and wow! It leaves my hair feeling fresh and best of all it keeps my eczema at bay. Normally after washing my hair around two or three days later my scalp starts to itch due to eczema. However, since I started using the Herboo deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner my scalp doesn't itch me so much anymore and I don't see any flakiness on my scalp anymore. I've also noticed my natural curl pattern has returned and my hair feels silky soft after washing. The best part is that I can comb through my hair after washing it. Normally I would struggle to comb my hair after washing because its so thick and it's like it gets thicker after washing, but with the Herboo deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner I've noticed I can now comb my hair more easily than ever before.

If you create a free account on the Herboo Botanicals website they will send a hair growth message and add you to a group where you will get lots of hair care tips and regimens to promote healthy hair growth.

Their products are available at various locations throughout the island including Fontana Pharmacy. To find a store near you in Jamaica check here. If you're abroad, don't worry you can order their products online through the Herboo Botanicals website.

Have you tried any of Herboo Botanicals' products? What did you like about it? Let me know in the comments below. Show some ❤️ if you liked this post.

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