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Do It For The Love Not Likes

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

With so many people only taking pictures to get likes on Instagram, what about just taking pictures for the love of it? With many micro-influencers they do it because they love not only taking pictures but blogging about something that they love and are passionate about. I'm sure as an micro-influencer you often look at the bigger influencers and think to yourself how did they get to be an ambassador for this or that brand? They're pictures are so awesome like it was straight out of a magazine and you wonder how can you get to that level where sponsors pay you to promote their products or send you free products in exchange for promotion?

Well Kesi Gardner, a digital marketer, came up with a brilliant idea to promote content creators and companies in the form of excursions. So let me break that down. Trip + content creators + photographers + free stuff from sponsors = Magic! Content creators or influencers get to connect with other influencers, have their pictures taken in beautiful locations with sponsored products, and blog about their experiences and the products. In the end the sponsors get professional photos of their products and lots of online promotions from these micro-influencers. Sounds great right?

That's exactly what happened on June 9, 2019. I went on the first ever Love Not Likes Jamaica curated experience. What happens when you put eighteen strangers together? GOOD VIBES! Group trips can easily go wrong, especially with strangers but to my surprise, everyone got along very well. There was such a variety of content creators from travel bloggers, beauty bloggers, website builders, and vloggers just to name a few.

Group photo of bloggers at Castleton. Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/mdwmediaja

Our itinerary for the day included Monkey Island and Frenchman's Cove. We also made stops along the way at Castleton and Trident Castle. An influencer can't go on a trip and not take snaps for Instagram so we were grateful that we each received the 28-day Nuff Social Data + Unlimited Talk Plan from Digicel where we could snap and upload to our stories on Instagram in real time.

Let's talk about the goodies bag! First of all the bag itself was from Those Creative People and each bag had different writings. Mine was 'One Bag Ah Tings". This bag from their classic collection retails at $4200 JMD or $32.39 USD which is a steal for such a strong quality bag.

Travellucie pictured with Those Creative People bag. Photo Credits: https://www.instagram.com/darlingtonjonesimagery

There was also an all natural body oil in the bag from Herboo Botanicals, Impanema flip flops from Sun Factory Jamaica, a tumbler with my handle engraved in gold from The Label Snob, a small bottle of Rum Cream from Worthy Park Estate, snacks from The National Bakery and a Jamaica round beach towel from Love Not Likes Jamaica. I'll be doing a review of each of the sponsored products so stay tuned.

Other sponsors included CPJ Ltd. which provided us with Lifespan water and Glinter for the road trip, Harmony Tours which provided the transportation, Sharmac Graphics for the printed branded fans, Luxury JA for logistics, and Ion Communications for logistics and creative support.

The photographers were amazing on this trip. We were placed in groups of three. One group to a photographer so each person could have their photos taken and we could make good use of the time at each location. The photographers on the trip were MDW Media, Darlington Jones Imagery, Rocket Visions, and aerial shots were provided by Live Like Kem.

The trip was not only fun but I got to meet some awesome Jamaican bloggers. Check out their Instagram profiles: SimplyLocal.life, As Told By Nella, Ronnia, JustdoJehmz, LiveLikeKem, Diedreinwonderland, Rara_Reezy, Tashi_Grant, Pinkpeachhh, Suetanyamchorgh, Britt.ar, KesiGardner

I have only scratched the surface of the 1st Inaugural Love Not Likes Jamaica Curated Experience, so stay tuned to upcoming posts where I go into more details about the trip including the road trip itself, Monkey Island, Blue Lagoon and Frenchman's Cove.

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