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Must Have Travel Apps

Some people like to travel alone and enjoy a vacation of solitude and then you have the average traveler who likes to travel in groups. Whatever you choose travel companies have made it easy for you to get your vacation packages. From 5 star luxury hotels, 3 star hotels, a budget hotel or a charming cottage, there is a travel package made for you.

I love this android app called ‘hopper’. It has this cute little bunny running across the screen. Okay that’s besides the point, I love this app because it’s like my own travel expert that tells me when it's a great time to buy my airline ticket. The best part is I can let it watch the flight dates for me and when there is a drop in price it notifies me. So while someone has bought a ticket to Miami from Jamaica for $411, I was able to buy it at $285 because of this app. Saved me a lot of money!

A favorite website of mine is booking. One of the best apps to book hotels in my estimation. They also have an app version as well. Do you need to book a room but can’t because you don’t have the money yet? Well with this website some of the reservations allow you to book without no deposit and gives you ample time to pay with some even offering that there’s no need to pay till you arrive at your hotel. If only they had one for flights too.

It’s also a great idea to get an airline Visa/MasterCard for example from Jetblue. Each time you swipe that card you get points or miles that can have you travelling for free in no time. With the advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to get the best prices for your vacation or travel.

Here are some of my favourite apps you can try:

  • Airbnb - Want a more homey experience? With Airbnb find hosts that host you for your trip. Tends to be cheaper than a hotel and most times you get to really see the country from a local's perspective, getting best suggestions for restaurants and gems not seen in your tour guide.

  • Hotel - Supose something happend on your trip and you needed to find a hotel fast without too much hasle? With the hotels app you can find the best hotel for those spur of the moment trips.

  • Kindle - Have all your books at the touch of your fingertips.

  • SAS Survival Guide - Need to know how to make a fire on a camping trip, or change a tire? This guide is great guide for whatever emergencies that may come up.

  • Google Translate - One of the better translation apps out there. Translate any language anywhere in the world... well almost.

  • Tripit - This app helps keep your travel plans organized and all your bookings are available offline too.

  • XE - Now this app is a must have. This app gives you the up to date currency exchange rate for any country in the world.

  • Aroundme - This app helps you find restaurants, hotels, malls, hositals or anything else around your location.

  • Wiffinity - Now this app I know will be beneficial to any traveler. This app finds all the wifi hotspots no matter where you are.

  • Whatsapp - This app is great to keep in contact with your friends and family back home while your travelling. Don't have to worry about roaming charges as this app works with wifi. It now has video calling and status updates.

Hope you enjoy these apps and happy travels!

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