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Who knew a Fardier De Cugnot was so big?

I do love me some cars, from the slowest of the oldest to the fastest of the new. I must admit I do love the more luxury type sports cars like Bugatti and the Lamborghini. My feet deserve to press the accelerator in those cars and one day it will but for now let's talk old cars.

So a while back I went to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. It was my first time going to a car museum and I was blown away with the collection of cars they had, especially a replica of the Fardier De Cugnot. Don't know what that is? Well is a french "car" from 1770 and it's considered to be the first working self-propelled land-based mechanical vehicle.

It's pretty big. It's no Lamborghini but it's interesting to see how it operates. Check out this video of this huge vehicle in motion.

The other cars I saw were the 1973 Citroen SM Maserati and boy was it a beauty. There were only 12,920 of them built. It had hydra-pneumatic suspension, inboard front disc brakes, front-wheel drive, and swivel headlamps. Not bad for an unconventional car of it's time right?

Anyone who watched Back to the Future movies knows what a Delorean is. Well guess what, this auto museum is home of the Delorean and if you think its just eye candy, the car is in driving condition. If you didn't know already, the Delorean body is made from stainless steel and there were only 8,000 of them made, so it's fair to say it's a pretty rare sight.

As a kid I use to love watching The Pink Panther and I always wondered if the car I saw in the cartoon, called a Hanomag was real. Well, it is and its rightful name is the Hanomag Kommisbrot and it was made in Germany in 1925. Now can I just say this car is ridiculously small, like even in the inside looks like a tight fit. I'm guessing this type of car was made for short people?

Now the 1971 2 seater coupe Jaguar E Type was a beauty and it's in blue. If I was a car collector I'd definitely get me one.

I could probably sit here and talk about all the cars in the collection but I'm not going to do that. Check out the rest of my pictures below and let me know which one is your favorite car. If your a car enthusiast check out the museum for yourself. They are located in Pinellas Park in Tampa Florida and it costs $8 per person to enter.

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