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Watch Out for the Crocodile!

If you don't know anything about Jamaica you should know we have a lot of crocodiles but don't worry your not in any danger (at least I don't think so). Most crocodiles can be found at zoos or swamps around the island. Actually you are more likely to see a crocodile at the zoo than anywhere else on the island as they are always in hiding and don't show themselves much.

As a child I remember my mom carrying me to the Hope Zoo on the weekends. As I grew older I didn't go to the zoo anymore and many years passed until I visited again. I must admit there was a period where the zoo looked like it was going to close as there was not much to see anymore. I few years ago something amazing happened! The zoo got renovated thanks to it's sponsors Jamaica Social Investment Fund, Tourism Enhancement Fund, Tara Couriers and JN Bank. It's also powered by Flow, the leading telecommunications operator in Jamaica so you can expect to get wi-fi while your in the zoo. Awesome right?

After the renovations were completed I made a visit and was impressed with the renovations that were made. Before entering the zoo itself you are greeted by a fountain. Then you make your way to the ticket office to pay for your entry into the zoo. I paid for the day pass which was $1500 JMD. It costs a little more than I remember but that is to be expected. I was treated to various animals such as the crocodile, mongoose, iguanas, parrots, flamingos, snakes, monkeys, ponies, zebras, lions and others. It was quite an experience from the days gone of when I use to visit as a child. It might not be a big fancy zoo like what you see in the United States or Africa but it's nice none the less. They even had various little picnic table areas where you can sit and have lunch or a snack if you want. What was truly amazing was that they had a snack counter where you could buy food and refreshments because believe you me between the heat, the sun and walking around you're going to be glad they have one.

The time I spent at the zoo was truly amazing and relaxing. The zoo is opened daily from 10am - 5pm and to make a donation to the Hope Zoo Click Here.

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