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A Little Piece of China in Jamaica

Hope Gardens has been a part of Kingston's history for as long as I can remember. Back in the day it was a garden with its own maze, mini theme park and zoo but over the years the zoo became run down and the mini theme park became a distant memory. In the last 3 years Hope Gardens has turned things around by renovating the zoo, improving the gardens and adding the latest attraction the Chinese Garden.

It's easy to think that I went to China just by looking at these photos but nope, all this was taken at Hope Gardens in Kingston Jamaica. This is my third visit to the Chinese Garden which was a gift to Jamaica from the People's Republic of China. For a small fee of $150 JMD you can walk around the Chinese Garden and if you want, you can opt to take a guided tour.

The guided tour is very informative and I would highly recommend it if you are a first time visitor. You'll learn about the trees, various structures and a mini history lesson on this guided tour. If you opt to just walk around, that's fine too as it's very relaxing to walk around the garden.

For many Jamaicans the pond might look familiar. It's the Lilly Pond that use to be the highlight of Hope Gardens years ago. I'm glad they decided to keep the pond and make it a part of the Chinese Garden as it adds a level of tranquility. You can expect to find park benches and Chinese inspired gazebos in the garden as well perfect for if you just want to sit and meditate.

The Chinese Garden has become very popular for weddings and the scenery is perfect for wedding photography. Hope Gardens itself has become a popular destination for dream weddings. You can't blame couples for wanting their wedding there as the grounds are absolutely beautiful.

So if your ever in Kingston be sure to visit the Chinese Garden at Hope Gardens and don't forget to wear sunblock.

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