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Kiosk, The Easier Way To Check In

There are still people out there who don’t know of the wonderful world of checking in online or at the kiosk at the airport. I love this service as it’s more convenient and less hassle. Sure you might still come across a line at the kiosk but it’s still faster than waiting in line at for an agent. Airlines such as American Airlines and JetBlue and others have long been using this system.

When I traveled earlier this year I was asked to do a survey at the airport by a customer service rep and one of the questions he had asked me is if I had spoken to any agent in my check in process and I said no. He was shocked. “How is that possible?” he said. For one I used the kiosk and two I had a carry on bag so I went straight to security checkpoint and I did that in 5 mins.

Back in 1998 I remember when you literally had to be at the airport 3 hours sometimes 4 hours before the flight and when you got there you had to wait in a long everlasting line to get to the ticket counter to check your bags and get your boarding pass. Then had to wait in a long line again at the security checkpoint. These days even the security checkpoint is not as bad but if your TSA approved it’s even better, you just glide on through. And they even have immigration kiosks, you know the ones you use instead of going to an immigration officer. More and more countries are adapting this as its lessens the amount of time people spend standing in lines at the airport. You still have to see an immigration officer in some cases but it lessens the time spent in immigration.

So if you’ve never tried the kiosk or checking in online it’s never too late. This is the way of the future so get use to it!

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