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Cruise Like A Norwegian... The Weekend Getaway!

I recently went on a weekend cruise on the Norwegian Sky to the Bahamas and let me tell you if your looking for a weekend getaway this is perfect for you. The cruise starts 5 pm on Friday evening and by Monday 7 am your back in Miami.

It was my first time cruising and I took two of my friends with me. We made sure to arrive in Miami from the night before in case of any delays. The next day we arrived at the Port of Miami at 1:30pm and it was a spectacular view. It was the first time my friends and I were seeing so many cruise ships in one area. Of course, in true paparazzi fashion we started taking pictures and videos from the moment we hit downtown Miami. As we stepped out of the car at the port there was a porter there to collect our luggage. He simply asked us for our stateroom number, wrote it on a tag, tagged our bag and gave us what appeared to be some form of a receipt our luggage had been collected. Going the security checkpoint was fairly quick and the checking process was simple as well. We were given our keys which acts as a form of ID and cash card as we later learned.

It was a lengthy walk to the ship but we were overwhelmed with excitement that we didn't care and we took pictures along the way. When we finally boarded the ship they checked our passports and we were then free to do as we pleased until it was time for the safety drill of course. We rushed to our room and I must say even though it was a bit small it was very nice. We checked out our room and the view and was excited to check our activity sheet for the day. We decided to go to the pool deck and start drinking and get some food, after all on the Norwegian Sky its all you can drink (mixed drinks of course). I must have had about four mojitos before eventually going to eat dinner. There was so much energy on the pool deck, it was literally a pool party going on and everyone was having the time of their life.

The next day was spent at sea and there was so much to do we just couldn't get to do it all. We ended up sunbathing on the deck for a bit, going to an art auction, swimming in the pool, and drink. Boy oh boy did we DRINK! In the late evening we arrived in the Bahamas and decided to go check out the scene. At the port we were greeted by a jonkunu band, street dancers and vendors. We decided to take a stroll along the pier and we ended up at this place called Senor Frogs. If your ever in Nassau Bahamas Senor Frogs is the place to be. It's a restaurant, bar and club all rolled into one and you'll definitely enjoy it. You'll have to visit to understand why it's such a hot spot. After a full night of partying off shore and on the ship which I must say was so much fun. The nightclub on the ship was such a surprise. They played current music from dancehall to pop and reggaeton and everyone was high energy in that club it was crazy.

On Sunday we decided to go to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island and let me just say that resort is HUGE! We spent about 4 hours there and we still didn't see everything. We paid $80 USD and it gave us access to the beach, aquariums, a lunch ticket and a beach bag. We went jet skiing which was exhilarating , we went to three of the resorts aquariums, the beach, and the casino. It was a fun but relaxing time at the resort but we had to rush back to the pier to make sure to board back the ship in time. Believe me when I say the ship waits for no one, so if your not back when they say you should they are leaving you!

In the evening we took in a comedy show, went to the all white party and to top off the night we went to karaoke where everyone, and I do mean everyone was lit! Wine flowing, people singing, and jokes flowing. Strangers laughing and drinking together. At the end of a long night you could see people stumbling back to their rooms and bursting in laughter (that's how much drinking went on lol) and by 7 am at the breakfast buffet everyone looked either sad or joyless because they just didn't want it to end. And to be sure everyone knew that you can't stay you could hear over the PA an announcement that you had to be off the ship by 9 am lol.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. Not too long and not too short. I ate a lot of food, drank a lot of liquor, got a tan and had the time of my life. If your new to cruising, a weekend cruise is a perfect getaway!

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