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Ready! Set! Sail!

That's right! Yours truly managed to hop onto another ship and this time it's Carnival Glory, otherwise known as the fun ship. This time I got 3 of my friends to tag along and they don't call Carnival the fun ship for nothing lol.

It was my first time going on Carnival Glory and it was very different from the Norwegian Sky. For one, the Carnival Glory is a much bigger ship and more modern in technology. While on the Norwegian Sky it was a weekend trip to the Bahamas, on the Carnival Glory we spent 7 days going to 4 countries. The countries we visited were Grand Cayman, Belize, Honduras and Mexico (Mexico was my favorite) but before I get into all that let's talk about Day 1. Throughout the coming weeks I'll talk about this cruise in segments. So let's go!

Firstly, checking in to Carnival Glory was pretty easy. Upon arrival at the port a porter greeted us and took our suitcases then we proceeded to the security check point and then to the lounge where at the check in counter they checked us in. There was no long lines or nothing just smooth sailing. We were a tad early so we sat in the lounge for a while (and enjoyed free Wi-FI) and waited for our segment to be called so we could board.

After boarding around 1:00 pm we headed straight for a restaurant for lunch and chilled for a bit before checking our rooms which wasn't ready until 3:00 pm. When we finally saw our room our reaction was WOW! It was a major difference from our room on the Norwegian Sky. While it was nice, Carnival Glory's balcony room was nicer. The room was so spacious and I loved that my room mate and I each had our own closet space and vanity space in the bathroom. We each had our own bed and let me just say the beds were very comfortable, it's like it wanted you to sleep in it forever lol. The only thing that was a little annoying about this room was the one socket but other than that the room was more than fantastic and very comfortable.

What I appreciated about Carnival Glory was our cruise director C-Love. Like every time the PA chimed and I heard "Good morning, it's C-Love coming to you over the air ways," and he would talk about what's happening that day. Like I literally looked forward to it every day lol. I also loved the app. The app was like a saving grace sometimes. It showed the itinerary for the day by the hour and whatever you Favorited it would notify you when that event was about to begin. It also showed you a map of the ship and they also had a chat section where you could talk with others (but you had to pay $5 to use it). If you weren't a tech savvy person you also got the paper version of the itinerary every morning in your mailbox. Yes, each room has their own mailbox by the door. Norwegian Sky definitely didn't have that. I also loved the fact that you could check your account through the app as well.

This time around I opted to use the cash card and put cash towards it instead of the credit/debit card. I wasn't trying to go broke on this trip. So my room mate and I shared one account and we only put $140 USD and yes it last us for the week. To cut down on costs we each carried a bottle of wine/champagne (which is allowed) so we didn't buy any alcoholic drinks on board. See that's where they catch you with the spending.... alcoholic beverages and pictures lol. Every time we saw those waiters come around with those pretty drinks (boy were they pretty!) we just turned a blind eye lol. We had our own tumblers so on days when we went on deck, we poured or wine/champagne into our tumblers and we were on our way.

After checking out our rooms we had to do the mandatory drill. All cruise ships do this and its a must for us to know the safety procedures in case of an emergency. After what seemed to be a long safety drill we went on the pool deck to say farewell to Miami Port. It was a beautiful day for sailing, sunshine and clear blue sky.

Check out my video below and don't forget to check back next week for part 2 of this trip. There's lots more!

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