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Broken Sunglasses And A Pair Of Muddy Shoes Later

So over the weekend I went hiking from Gordon Town to Holywell. It was my third time hiking (2nd really, as the 2nd time I only went quarter way lol). This hiking trek was difficult but manageable. More manageable than hiking to Blue Mountain Peak.

By car this would have been about 56 minutes drive but with hiking it was about 5 hours (including rest stops). Expert hikers can probably do this trail in about 3 hours. We went through deep bushes, steep inclined hills of pine cones, and country roads. Some parts of the hike were difficult and muddy but for the most part it was a nice adventure.

What I really enjoyed about this hike was the various waterfalls and rivers we passed while going through Pens Field and Red Light District. They were definitely breathe taking and although we had every intention of swimming in one of these rivers coming back down from Holywell, time was against us as it was getting late and some of us (mainly me lol) thought it best to go home after coming back down from Holywell. So we ended up catching a cab in Red Light District back to Gordon Town then back into Kingston.

The Pain

Let me just say I am in no way shape or form an expert hiker and with this trip I was pretty much out of shape as I haven't been working out in months. So even though this hike was manageable, going up was difficult for me, but good news is going down was easy. Going up I got a major muscle contraction in my foot trying to jump over a trench. I guess when my foot touched the other side of land my muscle contracted and I fell to the ground, (a hiker had helped me across with a helping hand by the way), the pain was so excruciating. I've never felt it like that before as normally I can fight through a muscle contraction but my leg was so stiff and believe me I belted out a scream or two and my eyes swelled up. But after a couple minutes of trying to breathe and a sip of water I rose and started walking it out slowly till I was able to fully walk again. After that experience I kept thinking to myself I wonder how much is the taxi fare from the next town back to Gordon Town. Like these thoughts kept running through my head each time I reached a steep incline and felt I couldn't go any further. At one point I was like let me lay here under the shade lol but each time I reached a level field I stopped thinking that way and kept moving.

By the time we got back to Red Light district from Holywell my legs were in serious pain and my legs felt like jello like my knees were about to slip out at any time. Even though coming down is easy it did put a lot of pressure on my knees. I must say though I was able to persevere through the pain. Mind over matter I guess. But that pain is nothing compared to what I felt the next morning. I had to draw for pain killers, bengay and compression sleeves and try to continuously walk out the pain every couple minutes.


Holywell recreational area is apart of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (the only national park in Jamaica). We had to pay a fee of $100 to enter and from there we went straight to a gazebo where we rested our tired feet and ate some food.

Holywell is a nice park where you can rent cabins or pitch a tent and camp out for a night or two. The park is equipped with well functional bathrooms with running water and if you need to stock up on drinking water the standpipe has fresh clean water. We only stayed for about 2 hours and then it was off to trek back to Gordon Town.

Overall, this was a good nature adventure and you roughly need about a day for this type of hike. Here is a list of things you will need for your hike:

~ knapsachk

~ water/energy drinks

~ snacks and food for energy

~ swimsuit

~ hat or sunglasses are optional

~ Sweater - it does get cold

~ umbrella - in case it rains

~ Sneakers or hiking boots

~ rag/towel

~ wet wipes

~ camera

Check out my video below for highlights of this hiking trip and be sure to leave a comment below ;)

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