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Island Stroking

You must be wondering what I mean when I say "Island Stroking", get your mind out of the gutter as I'm only referring to Island Strokes, the first paint and sip to start in Jamaica. I've done it twice now and not only is it fun but its also relaxing and yes wine is included :)

How it works is that they have it at different locations, normally restaurants, cafe's or bars. Of course there is a price but it includes art supplies such as the canvas, paint and paint brushes and a glass of wine. You also have to make a reservation as seating is always limited.

The first time I tried it was for my friend's birthday. Of the three of us I was the only one with painting experience so it was more therapeutic than fun for me but my two friends were excited as this was their first painting experience. The location it was held at the time was Redbones Cafe which is a lovely outdoor restaurant and bar. We arrived and was greeted with a friend greeting where we paid and then was escorted to our seat where the canvas, paint and paint brushes were already set up. We were also given a canvas apron to wear to protect our clothing from the paint. While we waited on the other patrons to come we enjoyed the ambiance, music and had a chat among ourselves.

Finally it was time to start and we were each given a glass of wine (we had a choice between red or white). At the head of the setup was the artist with his/her completed painting on one easel and an empty canvas on the other. It's almost like a class so don't worry if you've never painted before. They make it easy for you to catch on and paint your own masterpiece.

While your painting the artist will go around to each patron to make sure they are on the right track and your free to ask a question or two if your not sure of something. You'll have hear laughter and chatter as the wine keeps flowing throughout the night.

At the end when everyone has finished their painting a group photo is taken of everyone holding their masterpiece and then everyone goes around mingling and checking out each other's painting.

This is definitely something different to do in Jamaica. It's great for a date, girls night out, family outing or group activity.

This month they are having their premium sip and paint experience called the Rum & Canvas to be held at twentythree J Wray & Nepher's Private Members Bar on October 28, 2017. This experience includes art supplies, premium cocktails & rum paired with hors d'oeuvres and 2 hours of edu-taining fun. To RSVP or for more information email them at islandstrokes@gmail.com or call/whatsapp at 330-3393

Check out their calendar for October below:

October 17: Date Night Paint & Sip at the Island Strokes Studio

October 21: Live Music Paint & Sip at the Island Strokes Studio

October 26: Halloween Paint & Sip at Blue Beat in Montego Bay

October 28: Family Paint & Sip at Bob Marley Museum

October 28: Rum & Canvas at @twentythree JWN

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