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The Bird Kingdom

Not too long ago I went to Niagara Falls and went to a place called the Bird Kingdom. At first I was not at all excited about it because come on it's just birds but boy was I wrong. I ended up really enjoying it. The Bird Kingdom is a bird aviary where you can discover hundreds of different tropical birds and other exotic animals. They also have a section where you can interact and feed the birds. If your a bird lover you will be taking endless photos of these amazing exotic creatures.

There are eight sections to explore. They are the main aviary, small bird aviary, animal encounters, Lorikeet feeding, night jungle, ancient Javanese house, the old museum, and plants and gardens.

The main aviary is home to over 400 birds representing 80 species from around the world. It's kind of like a rain forest where you'll see birds flying around freely. There are four levels to this Bird Kingdom and the main aviary is the most magnificent.

Bird Kingdom's Animal Encounters was interesting. You can get up-close and personal with exotic birds, animals and reptiles from around the world. I mean literally you can touch and hold exotic creatures such as snakes, tortoises, chameleons, bearded dragons, parrots and other amazing creatures.

The museum was pretty interesting. The Bird Kingdom resides in a building which was original Spirella Corset Factory. It was built in 1907 and was one of the first poured concrete buildings ever made in Canada.The company manufactured made-to-measure corsets and also had factories in the USA, UK and Sweden. The building then became the new home of Niagara Falls Museum in 1958. The museum was originally founded in 1867, by Thomas Barnett of Birmingham, England and the museum collection was Canada's oldest.The Niagara Falls Museum was famous for its collection of Egyptian artifacts. Can you believe it had been home to the actual mummy of King Ramesses I for over 140 years! Unfortunately for the museum, that fact wasn't discovered until after the museum closed and the mummy was safely returned back to Egypt in 2003.

There was one particular story that stuck out to me and it was the fact that this lady named Annie Edson Taylor put herself in a barrel and went down Niagara Falls. Now if you've never seen Niagara Falls, it is HUGE!!!! Like I can't imagine anyone going down that falls and surviving but alas she did survive. Today as crazy as our human race has become it is now illegal to go over Niagara Falls, no matter the method and if you dare do it and happen to survive you will be fined some stiff charges from both sides of the border. So don't you dare think of rolling down Niagara Falls.

Overall my day spent at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls was a wonderful one. Next time your in Canada visit the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. It's only $17.95 CAD + HST for adults and children under 16 years old $13.95 CAD + HST. I would suggest buying tickets online as you will save $2.95 CAD on your ticket. You can also check their website for the latest promotions to save even more.

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