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I've Been Framed!

I will be the first to tell you that it's difficult to find fun things to do in Kingston that doesn't include eating out at restaurants or partying. An activity that's fun for the family is Puzzle It.

What is Puzzle It?

The Caribbean wanted to join in on the fun after seeing the worldwide popularity of the real-life escape room games. The game is very inclusive and it's fun for the whole family. It's even a good team-building activity for the office staff and great fun for just a group of friends. All you have to do is work as a team to solve the puzzle and escape the room.

I've Been Framed!

So I've been to Puzzle It two times and I'm planning a third time with my friends. The first time I went my friends and I did the Framed Escape Rooms. There were ten of us so we split up in 2 groups. So each group was locked in two different framed rooms and the race was on to see which team could escape before the other. My team won of course! The story goes that we were framed for stealing from the school and we were locked in the Principal's office and we had to escape.

It was so much fun. The game really stretched our brain. We had to work as a team and seriously do a lot of thinking and investigative work in order to get out of the room. Now I can't give the game away but what I can say is that the door has a keypad and you basically have to punch in a code in order for the door to open. Now don't worry each room has cameras in it so the game master can see what's going on and you can even get clues from them either from the TV screen or the computer.

Help! I've Been Locked Up In The Asylum!

Let me just say this particular escape room was a challenge. The Ward 21: The Asylum was the second escape room my friends and I played. Unlike the Framed room which was simple enough and just one room, the Ward 21 escape room was longer and more tedious. The success rate for this room is like 1% and I'm glad to say my team successful escaped this room and are in the 1% of winners (we're so smart lol).

The story for this escape room is that after years of working in the infamous Ward 21 of U.W.I. Hospital something has gone terribly wrong. Patients have managed to take over the entire ward, and left you trapped inside one of the rooms. Figuring out how to escape this room was more than a challenge. We escaped the room within 54 minutes. When we thought we escaped, there was more and then when we thought okay we're definitely out of the room, nope there was more! Believe me I would love to tell you exactly how to escape these rooms but then where would the fun be in that? We definitely had a fun time and the next room we want to escape from is the Rum Challenge. I can't wait for that one!

What I Learned From Playing Puzzle It

1. It was fun! - Playing this game I realized I liked figuring out things. I probably would make a good private investigator lol

2. I can work in a team - Sure some people find it stressful working with a team but if you're a good team player you can be successful. Sure the team I was playing with were friends but I've never had to work with them to escape a room. It could have gone bad in so many ways but as winners I saw that we worked well together.

3. Everything Is Not As It Seems - Playing this game I realized that you can't take things at face value. Everything has a meaning and could be a potential clue. In life we are so quick to take things at face value that we miss important signs that could have speared us from something bad or could have led us to something good. Life is not a chance or something you follow with the motions. Life is what you make it and if your inquisitive enough you will see clues to help you along or give you that great idea!

4. My friends Are Smart - Yea, this goes without saying lol. Playing this game I realized my friends think fast but also seriously think about things. For example they will see something on the wall and say why is that there, I don't trust that, let's investigate and sure enough it becomes like a brainstorm meeting and then look at that a puzzle is solved. I realized that each of us are leaders in some way and able to assess a situation fairly quickly for a positive end result. We didn't all focus on one thing at a time for the entire game. When the time arose for a particular situation we ended up diving ourselves into two smaller teams figuring out two different things while conversing with each other. It's hard to explain but it was like we were one brain thinking, able to move in sync with each other. I think it's because no one had an ego, we listened to each other and everyone communicated well. Also we know when it's time to ask for a clue. Yea I said it, we asked for clues.

5. Calm Under Pressure - There's a lot of pressure with the game as you have to escape within an hour. Talk about pressure! You have to think fast, act fast and get out of the room as soon as possible. My friends and I were calm under this pressure. You know how some people under pressure become argumentative and cranky? Well that wasn't us. We were able to stay calm, have a clear head and figure out what was to be done.

6. We Like To Win - I don't think anyone likes losing. I know I don't like to lose. Call it what you want but being competitive is not a bad thing. When your competitive or like to win it just means you are driven.

If your in Kingston and looking for something fun to do, try Puzzle It. Who knows you might end up loving it. At the moment they have four escape rooms. Framed which costs $1000 JMD per person and The Rum Challenge, Smokes & Mirrors, and Ward 21: The Asylum is for $2000 JMD per person. The rooms that costs more is because its a longer game but either way trust me, it's fun. You can book online or you can call them up to reserve your playtime.

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