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Travel the Sea to Floyd's Pelican Bar

Photo Credit: inclyousivephotography@gmail.com

I've heard of Floyd's Pelican Bar for years now and my friends and I decided to go on a trip there and mark this spot off our bucket list.

Road Trip

We started our journey from Kingston all the way to St. Elizabeth which was about a 3 hr - 4 hr ride with traffic give or take. Will all road trips we definitely had to stop at the gas station to get gas, water and some snacks of course. The day was pretty overcast but we were determined not to postpone our trip yet again and hope that it would not rain for the day. The journey was a long one but we entertained ourselves by listening to music and having interesting conversations. Close to our destination and we missed our turn to treasure beach and had to turn around. Google maps surprisingly was a big help on this trip believe it or not and we eventually found Jake's Hotel which was close to where we were headed to which was Jack Sprat.

Treasure Beach

We finally arrived at Jack Sprat which is a restaurant along Treasure Beach. It's a pretty nice compound with bathrooms, ATM, picnic tables, stage, patio and their own beach. We got changed and called our fisherman who would be taking us over to Floyd's Pelican Bar. Our fisherman told us to go on the beach and keep walking till we saw boats. We never expected this stroll on the beach would turn into a hike. The sand soon became rocks and we found ourselves going up and eventually going down to sand again and behold we saw the fisher boats. One word of caution, water shoes is a VERY good idea for this expedition and thank God I wore mine. Our fisherman Ted helped us girls onto the boat and our journey on the sea began.

On The High Seas

We all put on our life vests and we were very excited for the journey. The day was still overcast but as long as it didn't rain we were fine. We were getting farther and farther away from Treasure beach and Floyd's Pelican Bar was no where in sight. I began thinking to myself "could the pelican bar be that far away?" After a few minutes on the sea our fisherman Ted said dolphins are a regular here and said we may see them that day. I kid you not as soon as he said that they appeared as if it was all orchestrated. Check out the video of the dolphins below, they are so cute!

After the excitement of seeing dolphins for the first time we continued on our journey to Floyd's Pelican Bar. After a couple more minutes finally we could see in the distance the hut of Floyd's Pelican Bar. We were getting closer and the excitement built even more.

Floyd's Pelican Bar

Finally we arrived at Floyd's Pelican Bar and we were escorted off the boat unto the hut. Immediately I noticed the flooring filled with carvings of people's names who had visited before. It was all over, everywhere you went more carvings and you could also see memorabilia on the wall as well. Immediately we started taking pictures and then we ventured out to what seemed like a deck and enjoyed the view. There was a bar of course where you could get bottle drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and light snacks. They also had another hut where you could buy souvenirs as well and you can play dominoes if you like. We even got to meet Floyd himself out on the deck rhyming and making jokes.

Photo Credit: inclyousivephotography@gmail.com

After a drink we decided to swim around in the sea water. Don't worry it's pretty shallow so even if you can't swim you can stand comfortably. We hung out for a few hours and we definitely enjoyed the chill vibe. The new experience was definitely worth it and I would love to go again when it's a sunny day.

Heading Back To Shore

After a "chil-laxing" afternoon it was time to head back to shore. Ted helped us back onto the boat and it was time to go. We waved back to everyone still on the hut and shouted "thanks Floyd!". Funny enough the ride back to shore was shorter since our fisherman decided to give us a dare devil ride back. It's sounds scary but we were enjoying ourselves. Finally back on shore and we thanked Ted for taking us to and from Floyd's Pelican Bar (and we paid him too. The ride wasn't free lol).

Time To Really Eat!

Floyd's Pelican Bar was fun but by now we were really hungry. Back on Treasure beach we ventured back to Jack Sprat for some well deserved food. The had a very good menu of seafood and jerked dishes. I had their jerked chicken wings and let me tell you it was more than delicious, it was scrumptious! Finger licking good I tell you. My friends opted for seafood with the steamed fish and bammy dish.

After filling our tummies it was time to head back home. It was a pretty adventurous day and we definitely had fun. Check out my video below of the full trip.

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