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I can't believe that happened!

Recently I went to Royal Decameron Montego Bay (it seems I've been going to Montego Bay often lately..lol). My friend was on vacation and to cut costs she asked me to tag along. Hey, the more the merrier right?

The Check In Process:

One word, it was a nightmare. First of all it took almost an hour to check in and then to top it off their card machine wasn't working and they had us going to the ATM down the street to get the cash to pay. It was such a major inconvenience and they didn't seem to care that they inconvenienced us. They seriously need to update their payment system because I'm sure if I was a non Jamaican tourist I would be extremely pissed.

The Room:

So finally we get our room key which looked like it was from 1970. Like we actually got a key not a card key, a key with the spiral bracelet to go with it. So after the disastrous customer service from front desk I'm thinking this is probably how its going to be for the rest of the trip. So the bell boy comes along to help with our baggage and he tried to lighten the mood for us and escorted us to the elevator. Oh lord, what can I say about the elevator. It is really SMALL! Only 4 people maximum can hold in the elevator. So with all the stuff we had only three of us could fit so the bell boy had to take the stairs. So we get to the room and opened our room door and I must say it wasn't bad. I mean it was simple but nice but the impressive part of the room was the view. The view was magnificent! Check out the video below to see how the room looked.

The room was nice even though it looked like an upgrade from the Flintstones but it was still nice (no shade). So I wanted to put my electronics away in the safe but it would not close so I called front desk and told them the safe was not working. So the front desk clerk proceeded to tell me that I need to pay $2 extra per day to use the safe. Wow! So why was I not told about this when I checked in? There's more! I have to pay an extra $20 per day for WiFi? I was in shock and wondering why I was not told about all this from the time of checking in to the hotel. But I was determined not to let the crappy customer service make me have an overall bad experience.

Activities & Entertainment:

One thing I must say is that the views at this hotel is fabulous. They have a diving area, beach, and swimming pools. The swimming pools were really nice and there was one with a swim up bar. My favorite spot was the red beds by the diving area which was great for getting a tan and at night just enjoying the cool breeze. However, at the diving spot I made the mistake to climb in and got pricked by a sea urchin! Ouch! So I didn't bother to swim there. Instead I swam in the pool and the beach area.

Unfortunately I didn't get to try out the water spots because I didn't know where to find it. Eventually I did and it was located all the way over the Cornwall beach side of Royal Decameron. So what had happened was my friend and I decided to explore the hotel and we ended up walking to one end of the hotel. So we're walking along the path and noticed another building, all of a sudden a security guard comes up to us and asks us where we're going. Of course, we're confused and held up our hand with our all inclusive band. So he looks at us and says we can only enter the beach. We can't enter that building unless we have a purple all inclusive band (ours was yellow) and we were even more confused. So we later found out Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach is the newest addition to the franchise and is apparently more luxurious (*rolls eyes), I would like to know what the difference is between the two because from what I could tell one side was treated like peasants on the street while the other side were treated like royalty.

So it gets worse. On my all inclusive band I saw Maguaritaville written on it. So I wondered if it was a case where we would get free access and shuttle to Maguaritaville's club like what I got at Sunspree Holiday Inn. So I asked the front desk clerk about it and the clerk gave me a confused look and said no to the answer of free access to Maguaritaville. Confused, I said why then do you have Maguaritaville written on the band? I was then told like I should have known this already, that a shuttle comes to the hotel and take people to Maguaritaville. Again, something like this I should have been told when I was checking in. Imagine I had to ask about it and when I did I was given attitude like I should know this already.

I definitely enjoyed the Jacuzzi by the spa. It was very nice and relaxing. The gym was small but seemed to have a decent variety of equipment. I only used the treadmill because I'm not an excessive workout-a-holic. The gym had A/C and a water station too.

The entertainment on night one was a dance show by very experienced dancers who gave us a plethora of dance routines from dancehall, latin to pop. It was very entertaining and on night two they had a reggae band play some Jamaican hits. On both nights they had games before the show where the audience could participate in dance competitions and other entertaining games to win prizes.

Food and Drinks:

The food was actually good. They had Jamaican options as well as international dishes. I was always looking forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner. I liked that they had vegetarian choices. My only problem was that they didn't have like a grill area that served food 24/7 or prepared light snack foods like what I've seen at other all inclusive hotels in Jamaica. So there were times when I was hungry but could not get any food because they were preparing for the next segment (i.e. lunch or dinner) which means I just had to wait. The only thing you could get right around the clock was drinks and alcohol which is okay but sometimes you just want a snack too.


What I loved about the hotel were the different areas to relax. From the pod swings that hung from trees to the hammocks on the beach, the beds by the diving section of the sea to the lounge chairs along the beach and the pool. It was easy to find a nice relaxing spot with an awesome view.

Overall Rating:

If the customer service was great I would have given this hotel a 4.5 out of 5 stars, however the customer service was enough to turn me off from this hotel. So instead I would give them 2 stars for being such a beautiful hotel with great views and cleanliness. You can check out this hotel if you like but don't say I didn't warn you about the customer service.

Check out my video below on Royal Decameron Montego Bay and let me know your thoughts.

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