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Cheers to Girls Weekend!

Once upon a time I was given the task of being a maid of honor to my friend's wedding. As a matter of fact today is their one year anniversary... happy anniversary Howie & Pet!

Now back to one year ago when I had to plan a bachelorette party. Now my friend Pet wanted a party weekend with her closet friends and no strippers. Sounds easy enough right?

So I decided to make it a 2 day event. This is how I scheduled it:

Friday 3 pm - Check in to hotel

Friday 7 pm - Bridesmaids shower bride to be with gifts, wine and cake

Friday 9 pm - Dinner with bride to be's close friends at Terra Nova Regency hotel

Friday 12 midnight - Escape bar and grill (have drinks and chill)

Saturday 1 am - Privilege night club (dance the "morning" away lol)

Saturday 8 am - breakfast

Saturday 10 am - hang out by the pool.

Check in process at Marriott Courtyard Hotel Kingston

So checking in to the hotel was quite a task for me because originally I was supposed to be at the hotel before the bride to be got there however due to circumstances beyond my control so the plans changed. So instead I had to go for the bride to be and she ended up checking in with me. The check in process was very easy as I had made my booking online. So when we arrived all I had to do was give them my confirmation number and pay and the process took about 5 minutes and the front desk agent was very friendly.

I had the bride to be lounge around at the bar with a drink while I went to "prep" the room. While she enjoyed her mai tai at the bar I was busy making sure the room was spectacular. The room I got was very spacious and had 2 queen size beds. The decor was simplistic but cozy and what I loved about it was the floor to ceiling window and how spacious the room looked. The bathroom was also nice as well and it was a fairly spacious well lit bathroom. The overall look and feel of the room was modern but cozy. I specifically chose this hotel because of the color scheme of the room as it had blue in its color scheme which was apart of Pet's (bride to be) wedding color scheme. There was a nice big comfy blue chair by the window with an attached table that I made into the bride's chair. I draped her bride to be sash on the chair and placed her classy "pimp" glass with umbrella and gifts. I then placed the "oh shit" kits in front of the pillows on each bed. The "oh shit" kits had mouthwash strips, toothbrush, advil, vitamin c, compact wet towel, chap stick, and other things every girl needs in case of an emergency while out partying. One for each bridesmaid and one for the bride to be. I also had a table with a blackforest cake topped with a stripper doll and wine to kick off the night.

Let the Party begin!

So when Pet saw the room she was excited and couldn't wait to start having fun. When the other bridesmaids got there we had cake and popped the bottle of wine to start off the night. We showered Pet with her bridal gifts (by this time she was on her 2nd glass of wine) We laughed and cried because it was such a happy moment for everyone in the room. We then took some photos and then we were off to meet the rest of her friends for dinner. Now let me just say I was the designated driver for the night so everyone, especially the bride can enjoy themselves.

Dinner at Regency Terra Nova Hotel

Why Regency for dinner? Because its one of the bride to be's favorite place (and mine too). We've had many a good times there so it was only right that her last night as a single women would be here. We are quite the regulars there that we've made friends with the staff there. It was a Friday night so Regency was packed as on Friday night at around 9 / 10 pm the bar turns into a nightclub. We had lots of food and drinks, all very tasty and delicious. My drink recommendations: mojito, sparkling sangria, kinky boots, and purple rain. Those drinks will knock your socks off! It's that good.

Privilege and Escape

So after dinner with one set of friends we went over to escape to meet some other friends. By this time Pet is about 5 drinks in and having the time of her life. At escape they had 90's dancehall music playing and the vibes was just right (great for the over 30 crowd). We danced and joked around. We then went on to club Privilege where they were having free drinks all night. The crowd is a bit younger here but it was still fun. We were there till around 4 am and lucky for us these two places are right around the corner from the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.

The most embarrassing thing happened....!

So little old me have a story to share....it's very embarrassing. So that "oh shit" kit.... well I ended up using it as at Privilege I had a couple of those free drinks and you can fill in the blanks lol. I had to be carried to the car by the bartender (damn those wray n nephew white rum and ting mix...lol). This has never happened to me EVER, this was a first but luckily I'm what you call a "good" drunk making sure not to puke in the car, giving directions back to the hotel... it's weird I know but my friends love that I never lose focus lol. So we get back to the hotel and honestly for the life of me I could not come out of the car. Pet and her sister went up to the room and I was just like "leave me here" as my legs felt like jello and I just felt terrible all around. It took my other friend about another 30 minutes to get me out of the car. She finally had to get backup and Pet had to pretty much drag me out of the car. We got to the room and I just collapsed on the bed and went straight to sleep.

What's funny is I woke up before everyone else feeling fresh as a daisy and went for breakfast for everyone. Eventually everyone woke up and we had breakfast. A little later on in the morning we went to the pool at the hotel which is pretty nice. It's a salt water pool and a decent size at that and its not deep. The pool deck has a bar and grill, cabanas and lounge chairs. We were the only ones at the pool at that time in the morning and it was fun. We enjoyed the view of the city, laughed and cracked jokes. After playing around in the pool we went back to the room and packed up our belongings. What a night it was! So you know what each of us did when we went home right?.... Sleep of course!

If your ever staying over in Kingston be sure to stay at the Marriott Courtyard Kingston. They are conveniently located across from Emancipation park where you can go jogging or take in the free exercise classes and shows. The hotel has a pool, gym, bar and grill, and restaurant just to name a few. Marriott Courtyard is in New Kingston which boasts a wide range of restaurants, cafe's and extensive nightlife.

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