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Get the Authentic Jamaican Experience

Long ago I was lucky enough to experience Little Bay Cabins for the weekend with my coworkers. Before going on this adventure I was warned it wouldn't be a luxury hotel experience but an adventure and outback authentic Jamaican experience. Of course I was game! I wanted to see what Little Bay Cabins was all about especially since I have never heard of it before.

The Location

Little Bay Cabins is located in a small town called Little Bay in Westmoreland, Jamaica. I would love to say I can give directions but I literally can't as I spent most of the journey sleeping and by the time we almost arrived it was pretty late at night. All I know is it's about 10 miles from Negril. It seemed like we were driving in the jungle as there was hardly any street lights and all you could see was bush. Eventually we saw a light post and behold the entrance to Little Bay Cabins. We arrived pretty late in the night, about 10:30 pm but was given a warm welcome none the less and shown to our rooms.

Even though it was night time I was blown away by the rustic design. It was like old time Jamaica with the wooden structures and simplistic but fun designs. I knew the cabins were by the beach but I had no clue it was so close. I stayed at the cabin titled Jamaica House 6 which is a big enough cabin that can accommodate up to 4 people. The cabin was very spacious with a queen bed in one room and a double bed in the other and a bathroom. You can forget about A/C but it does have a ceiling fan in each room but honestly there is no need for A/C as the nights were cold from the natural air from outside. If you have a hard time sleeping, don't worry the sound of the waves will lullaby you to sleep. As much as I wanted to look around I was tired so I climbed into bed and before you know it I was fast asleep.

Sun Is Shining & The Weather is Sweet

The next morning I was in awe when I stepped out onto my cabin porch and actually saw how close the beach was. It was breathtakingly beautiful that I had to sit a while on the porch and take it all in. For breakfast I was treated to an authentic Jamaican breakfast of blue mountain coffee, fruits, and a main breakfast dish of ackee and saltfish, boiled doubling, callaloo, fried dubling, fried plantain, and yam. It was the breakfast of champions! I was so full I was glad to hear it was time for the guided tour.

Before I get to the tour look who was our neighbor.... it's Uncle Weed! If you don't know who he is his real name is Dave Olson and he's the VP at Hootsuite on long term medical leave for quite some time now. Let's just say he's a marketing genius :)

The Vampires of Little Bay

Back to the tour which started out simple enough, learning about varied fruit trees and strolling along through the town making our way to the first stop, the bat cave. It was quite a walk through the town and then off to a part of the woods to get to this cave. When we arrived we were given a stern warning not to have any fruits on hand as these bats love fruits. Some people opted not to go into the cave (I don't know why they were so scared, lol) while the rest of us ventured in. You could hear the guide's voice echoing through the cave and when he clapped his hands all of a sudden bats flew everywhere and you could hear people screaming and laughing at the same time. There was an opening in the ceiling of the cave where the sun shone through and it had vines dropping to the ground. The tour guide was quick to show us how to climb the vines to get to the ceiling.

Bob Marley Experience

Now a lot of people are not aware that Little Bay was one of Bob Marley's favorite places. He was so in love with it that he was building a beach house there, however that beach house would never come to be as a hurricane destroyed before it would be completely finished, but remnants of the structure is still there. On our way to see the site where Bob's beach house once was we made another trek into the wood and along the way we passed Bob's Swimming Cave. As the name suggests yes it's named after Bob Marley and its where he use to swim. It's literally a small opening in the ground and you can easily pass it if your not looking for it. Inside it's nice and cool and there is even a little mini cave in there where story goes Bob wrote the songs "Mr. Brown" and "Rock is my pillow". Believe me we were happy to swim in the swimming cave after all that walking in the hot sun. After swimming we continued on our journey to the site of Bob Marley's beach house. Well, all that remained was the base but what a view of the ocean it had and his meditation rock.


There are other activities at Little Bay Cabins and one such thing I got to do is go on the boat with the fishermen for a tour of the bay. We were able to see all of Little Bay, snorkel, swim and experience the catch of the day. You can also enjoy a massage by the beach and at night you can enjoy the bonfire on the beach under the stars with the sounds of the waves. If you want more adventure you can go to The Blue Hole Mineral Springs nearby where there is a 20 ft jump into a bottomless hole. If your too chicken to jump don't worry they have a ladder you can use to climb down to the mineral spring and still enjoy the water.

I had such a good experience at Little Bay Cabins, I can't wait to go there again. If you're looking for somewhere to unwind and truly have the authentic Jamaican experience, Little Bay Cabins is definitely a place to try.

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