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Let's Have Some Fun and Sun-spree!

Check In Process

Not long ago I had a conference to attend to in Montego Bay and I decided to stay at Sunspree Holiday Inn for the simple fact that it was about 3 minutes drive away from the Montego Bay Convention Centre where the conference was being held and it was all inclusive. I wasn't expecting much but boy was I in for a surprise.

I checked in rather early, about 2 hours early to be exact. Once I got to the front desk I was asked for my name and reservation number which I gave. To my surprise I was escorted to the VIP section to continue my check in process. The VIP area is quite nice as it looked to be like a lounge area equipped with AC, tv, coffee and snack station and 3 stations where you could check in with comfort. The staff were very courteous and big up to Candacia who checked me in. Because I was so early my room was not ready as yet so I was invited to get lunch and a drink while I waited for my room to be ready. I was also given the access code to the wifi and I was a happy camper :) My all inclusive band also included free shuttle service and free entry into Marguaritaville's nightclub (what a bonus!)

While I waited I went to the poolside grill and got me a grilled cheese sandwich and strawberry daiquiri, then I went and got a yogurt which was great on that hot day. By the time I finished eating I went back to the VIP lounge to check on my room and sure enough my room was ready. I was given my room keys in a card holder and escorted to my room.

The Room

The room I had booked was the double room with double beds garden view. My room was at the top floor of one of the buildings on property close to the main pool area. Upon entering the room I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious the room was, it was pretty much like a suite. Check out the video below of my tour of the room.

What I loved about the room was the closet area had a ottaman like structure where you could rest your luggage and at the bottom there were drawers where you could put your shoes (assuming that's what it was for... lol) I also loved that they had a full length mirror in the room so you can see your outfit from head to toe. I also liked that they had a refrigerator in the room which is great for keeping your bottled drinks cool or anything else you might have on your trip that needs to be kept cool. I appreciated the night stand in between the beds so much because at the base of the lamp were 2 sockets which were great as when your charging your phone it's right next to you on your night stand and the lamp switch is right in between that. Overall I thought the room was well thought out as you didn't have to guess where things. Overall I was very happy with my room, however when I was ready to leave and put up my valuables I noticed the safe wasn't working. I called front desk and they happily sent someone up to fix it. Within a few minutes someone was at my door and as it turned out the safe needed batteries. Once that was dealt with I was on my way but before I could leave, another knock at the door, it was a gentleman with a platter in his hand and said compliments of the hotel with a big smile on his face. I accepted the platter and on it was a fruit plate with banana, pineapple and melon (yummy!) and 2 bottles of water.

Activities and Food

I wasn't able to do as many activities as I would have liked as I was only at the hotel for a short time but I quite enjoyed the mini island a short distance away from the shore. It was nice with palm trees and lounge chairs and your able to lie in the shade quite comfortably. I also liked that at any time of the day you could get food or drink whether it was from the buffet or the grill.

They had a lot of activities available and what's great is that this hotel is kid friendly so they will never be bored. They had a chess game area, tennis, mini golf course and water sports available. For seafood lovers they had a seafood restaurant which was on the beach. I loved the fact that they had vegetarian selections for example at the grill you could get a veggie burger or fish burger and at the buffet there were plenty of vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Overall Review

I definitely had a great time here and next time I will definitely stay longer than 2 days. The staff are friendly, there's lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy and they have business services for the business traveler. I LOVED the fact that wifi is included in the all inclusive package and overall I would rate this hotel 4 stars out of 5. My only distaste was the fact that the parking lot was so far but other than that it's a great stay for family or business professionals on a budget.

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