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The Lone Traveler

Travelling alone may seem daunting but it is truly an eye-opening experience which allows you to explore a country on your own terms. It can be self-indulgent as you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want. However, loner travelling can pose some dangers. When you are travelling alone you are more susceptible to swindlers and thieves. Here is a list of tips that will help lessen your anxieties of travelling alone.

Careful planning is key Pack all your essentials Immerse yourself in the local culture Take photos Take advantage of all the useful apps Charge all your gadgets Invest in a good travel bag Don't keep all your money in one place Have a hard copy of all your itineraries and travel documents Trust everyone and no one On solo trips you can make new friends, meet up with old ones and simply hang out but it can also make you more vulnerable. One of the best travel tips is to never let anyone know that you are travelling alone. While travelling, you should keep an open-mind but always be vigilant and never trust anyone but yourself. Never let anyone hold your valuable items and travel documents, and don’t do it for others unless you know them on a personal level and always trust your instincts. When travelling alone always take time to plan ahead on your journey. Before you start your travels do a search on items and places to stay so that you can be fully prepared. Also pack light and travel with as little things as possible to save on travel costs. Take advantage of technology and use your phone as your travel guide. With technology these days there is an app for everything. Above all else have fun on your travels!

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