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Rafiki, Rafiki, Rafiki!

Recently I went to Rochester to watch Disney's The Lion King (Rafiki National Tour). It was my second time watching a musical on stage. The first time was when my sister treated me to Legally Blonde which was exciting to watch by the way.

Leading up to the show I wondered what it would be like to see this version of the Lion King. I am a fan of the original movie, and no I have not seen the live action movie version yet, and wondered if I would feel connected to it like the movie.

Let me just say I would have loved to take pictures of the show but photos and videos are not allowed, so I only got two photos. One with my sister and family back stage (she's on the North America Tour by the way. So proud!), and one just right at the end of the show, but you can see more photos of the show on their website at

Okay, back to the show. We picked up our tickets at the box office and had to wait in a line to get seated. While waiting, we went to stock up on a glass of wine and candy. We got our programs and were seated. You could tell everyone in the theatre was excited and anxious to see the show. After waiting for a while we felt the noise of chatter suddenly get hushed by what sounded an acapella tribal call coming from the 2nd floor. So I won't go into full detail about the show but it was very beautiful and wonderful to see. The music, the costumes and performances were spectacular! The best part for me was seeing my sister perform on stage. My eyes swelled with tears as I couldn't believe I was seeing my sister perform on a world renouned show. Looking in the program and seeing her name under the likes of Elton John! I mean who wouldn't be proud. But definitely the show is a must see and is worth watching. To see the latest dates of the Lion King Tour check out their website for dates and where to purchase tickets.