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Movies Filmed In Jamaica

Jamaica, home of Bob Marley, reggae, ska & dancehall music, and Usain Bolt. But did you know Jamaica has some big budget films under it’s belt? My absolute favourite Jamaican film is One Love starring Ky-mani Marley, Cherine Anderson and Idris Elba. This movie will make you fall in love with Jamaica’s natural beauty and culture with amazing cinematography. The movie is about a rasta man that falls in love with a gospel singer. It might sound boring but it’s a really nice love story.

One of the most popular and cult following movies for mature women was How Stella Groove Her Groove Back starring Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs and Whoopi Goldberg. This movie was about a successful broker going on a vacation with her friends and finding her a Jamaican guy. It was filmed at the luxurious Round Hill Hotel & Villas. I remember when this movie came out in theatres in Jamaica and it was something that everyone was talking about around that time. Personally I think beside the drama of the movie Jamaicans just wanted to see if any Jamaican actors were in the film and how bad Taye Diggs Jamaican accent was.

How about The 1980’s film The Blue Lagoon? Bet you didn’t know it was filmed in Jamaica. Because of the success of the film, The Blue Hole was renamed the Blue Lagoon. If you thought it was pretty on screen you should visit this island beauty in Portland Jamaica. It’s definitely a place to see on your visit to Jamaica.

Do you know the movie Dr. No? If you're a James Bond fan you would know the movie was also shot in Jamaica. I'm a big James Bond fan and sorry not sorry but Sean Connery was THE BEST James Bond ever! By the way 007's next movie No Time To Die has scenes also shot in Jamaica. If you've heard of Daniel Craig hurting himself resently, well it was in Jamaica. Hoping for a speedy recovery because the fans are anxious to see this next 007 movie.

Knight and Day starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise was also shot in Jamaica. Some of the scenes in this fun Spy Movie was shot at the famous Frenchman's Cove in Portland Jamaica.

The movie License To Wed was shot at the ultra exclusive Sandals Royal Plantation. This movie starred Robin Williams and Mandy Moore. If you've never visited this hotel it's definitely one for those looking for seclusion and customized luxury service. If the butler service doesn't make you feel like your in heaven then the food will.

Probably the most famous movie shot in Jamaica is Cool Runnings. If you have never seen this movie you have been living under a rock. This movie is about the Jamaican Bobled team. Definitely a classic movie.

Last but not least a Whoopi Goldberg classic, Clara's Heart was also shot in Jamaica. This 1988 drama had scenes shot in Jamaica. So Whoopi's character Clara was supposed to be a Jamaican chambermaid at a Jamaican resort (sorry Whoopi but that Jamaican accent was a partial fail) but the movie was still great and it's definitely a classic.

You can check out these films to see some of the beauty that is Jamaica. Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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