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Never Underestimate The Influence Of Bloggers on a Sponsored Curated Trip.

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Monkey Island. Photo Credits: Live Like Kem

Monkey Island, also called Pellew Island is a private island off the coast of Portland just around the bend from Blue Lagoon. I had never been to Monkey Island before so I was excited when I found out it would be one of the stops on the Love Not Likes Ja Curated Experience.

Firstly, to get to Monkey Island we had to go to Blue Lagoon and catch a five minute boat ride to the island. Of course in Jamaican style the boatman was also our tour guide. We passed some exquisite waterfront homes owned by some of Jamaica's elite such as Lee Chin (the owner of NCB). They were stunningly beautiful and we only wished we could step aboard their property and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that they cater to so many celebrities both local and abroad. We even passed a group enjoying their waterfront deck with champagne and I imagine a beautiful spread of brunch. We waved hello and to our amazement they waved back!

A little back story about Monkey Island. So if you were thinking that there are monkeys on the island, well your kind of correct, except there are no longer monkey's on the island . At least I didn't hear or see any. The story goes that Monkey Island got its name from the colony of monkeys that used to lived there which belonged to Alfred Mitchell's explorer son-in-law Hiram Bingham. The island was close by to the Mitchell's mansion now called the Folly Ruins and it became the playground for the animals as Alfred did not want them inside his home. The island is quite small and you can literally walk or swim around it in no time. It's quite shallow and majority of it was quite rocky so if your wanting to explore in or around it I suggest carrying durable water shoes.

Upon arriving on the island there were already a small group of people drinking and enjoying the shade relaxing in the water. There was a little section of sand where I think its safe to call it a mini beach. We hopped off the boat and immediately bloggers started snapping and taking photos. Before the fun could begin we had to make sure to take pictures with the sponsored products such as Glinter flavored soft drink & Lifespan alkaline water provided by CPJ Limited, Impanema sandals from Sun Factory, tumbler from The Label Snob, body oil from Herboo Botanicals, Bags from Those Creative People, and Worthy Park Estate's rum cream and white rum.

Monkey Island was a fun experience. While we were there to work I imagine its nice to relax. We saw some patrons who carried their coolers with drinks and were just drinking and relaxing in the water.

Blue Lagoon was also nice but we only got a water tour of the lagoon as we didn't have much time to relax there but the tour was indeed beautiful. The was was so blue and the lagoon is known to be quite deep, bottomless even, so if you ever visit be sure to be an avid swimmer or swim with a life vest.

For a late lunch we went to Frenchman's Cove and after we digested our food it was picture taking time. We took pictures along the beach as well as the cove where the river meets the sea. After pictures we relaxed in water and chilled and chatted on beach until sunset. It was a long but eventful day and I think it was safe to say everyone was tired. We packed up and headed back to the bus. All in all it was a wonderful trip with a nice group of bloggers/influencers. The vibe was just right and I made some new friends.

Are you a blogger or social media influencer and want to be apart of the next Love Not Likes trip? Connect with Love Not Likes Ja on instagram @lovenotlikesja and follow them to apply for the next bloggers curated experience.

For more highlights check out my vlog video below of behind the scenes from this trip.

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