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Flights from Jamaica to Visa Free Countries for Jamaicans

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

You have a Jamaican passport and want to travel but there's a problem you don't have a US Visa. What now? Well contrary to popular belief you can travel to Visa Free Countries straight from Jamaica without getting a connecting flight in a US State or Canada. Here is a list of visa free countries for Jamaican passport:


Antigua and Barbuda (Kingston-> Barbados -> St. Lucia) Argentina (Montego Bay -> Panama -> Brazil) Bahamas (direct from Kingston) Barbados (direct from Kingston) Belize (Montego Bay ->Panama) Brazil (Montego Bay ->Panama)

Chile (Montego Bay ->Panama) Peru (Montego Bay -> Panama City) Dominica (Kingston -> Barbados) Saint Lucia (Kingston-> Barbados) Colombia (Montego Bay ->Panama) Montserrat Dominican Republic (direct from Kingston) Suriname (Montego Bay ->Panama) Ecuador (Montego Bay -> Panama City) Trinidad & Tobago (direct from Kingston) Grenada (Kingston-> Barbados/Trinidad) Uruguay (Montego Bay ->Panama) Guyana (Montego Bay-> Pamama City) Venezuela (Kingston ->Panama) Haiti (Montego Bay -> Panama City) Curaçao (Kingston -> Trinidad) Mexico (Montego Bay -> Panama City) Panama (direct from Montego Bay) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Kingston -> Trinidad)

Saint Kitts and Nevis(Kingston ->Trinidad -> Sint Maarten)

Now its important to note that for some of these countries you have to make a connection in the US or Canada to get the cheaper rates; and with that you will need a visa or a transit visa. The suggested routes above are more expensive but as a Jamaican you would not need a visa.


Bangladesh (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea -> Hong Kong) Indonesia (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea) Israel (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea -> Hong Kong) South Korea (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico)

Malaysia (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea)

Philippines (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea) Singapore (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea) Hong Kong (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea)

Now getting direct flights from Jamaica to these Asian countries are a bit more challenging and usually connecting flights have to be made normally in a US or a European country so a transit visa will be needed. However, if you don't want to go through the trouble of getting a visitors visa to those countries and you are willing to travel for an obscene amount of hours, up for the advenure and your not able to get a visa, the above is an alternative but it generally costs more. You can get a flight from Montego Bay to Mexico City and connect to South Korea which can be your gateway to get to these other Asian countries. Again it's an alternative but it generally costs more and the travel time is WAY longer (like days). My suggestion would be to turn it into a tour where you will stay a few days in each country you have to make a connection so you don't waste an opportunity on a perfectly good trip and your not drained from traveling.


Botswana (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil -> South Africa) Eswatini (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil -> South Africa) Gambia (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa -> Ghana) Ghana (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa)

Kenya (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa) Lesotho (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa) Malawi (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa) Mauritius (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa) Niger (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa-> Ethiopia [visa needed] )

Sierra Leone (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa -> Ghana)

South Africa (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil)

Tanzania (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa)

Uganda (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa)

Zambia (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa)

Zimbabwe (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa)

Namibia (Montego Bay ->Panama -> Brazil ->South Africa)

The shorter way and less time travel to Africa is generally to get a connecting flight from Montego Bay to New York and from there get a connecting flight to Dubai and from there another flight to an African country. However if your not able to get a US or Dubai visa the alternative (which is costly) is to fly to Brazil and get a connecting flight directly to South Africa which can be your gateway to get other connecting flights to other visa free African countries. Again, this is an alternative however it tends to cost more and the travel time might also be mre as well.


Fiji (Montego Bay -> Canada [visa needed]-> Australia [visa needed]) Kiribati (Montego Bay -> Canada [visa needed]-> Australia [visa needed]) Micronesia (Montego Bay -> Canada [visa needed]-> Australia [visa needed]) Vanuatu (Montego Bay -> Canada [visa needed]-> Australia [visa needed]) Cook Islands (Montego Bay -> Canada [visa needed]-> Australia [visa needed]) Niue (Montego Bay ->Canada [visa needed]-> Australia [visa needed])

For these countries I haven't been able to find visa free countries to make connections to these countries. You will more than likely have to make a connection in the United States of America or Australia or Japan to get to these countries which means you will have to get a visa for one of those three countries depending on the route chosen.


Russia (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea) Serbia (Montego Bay ->Panama->Mexico->South Korea)

So as a Jamaican traveler you have options in terms of traveling. So don't despair if your not able to get a visa/s. You do have options. It might cost more and traveling time might be longer but you still have options.

While traveling to visa free countries, these countries do still the have the right to refuse you entry to their country so its important to have enough funds to fund your travel as well as emergency funds and have a print out of your travel itinerary and confirmations of where you'll be staying.

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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