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One Bag Ah Tings!

Recently I had the pleasure of being on the very first’ Love Not Likes JA ‘bloggers trip to Portland, Jamaica. Each blogger was gifted with a ’Those Creative People‘ bag, full of goodies. The bag I received was the 'One Bag Ah Tings black and white tote bag, from their classic collection. For all my non-Jamaican readers,‘One bag ah tings’ is how we would say ‘a bag filled with things ‘ in Jamaican dialect.

This bag was quite useful for the bloggers trip, especially for the beach stop at Frenchman's Cove. My beach towel, change of clothes, water shoes, and other little things I needed for the beach fitted comfortably into my ‘one bag ah tings’ tote.

The first thing that catches your eye is the quality of the fabric of which this bag is made. It is reminiscent of canvas material but thick, sturdy, and casually classy as well. Believe me, I packed so many things in this bag and it stood strong, no bursting at the seams. I strongly believe that black goes well with any outfit, so on my shopping trips, the first thing I grab is my 'one bag ah tings’, tote. Why? It holds so many things, and it is casual but classy. It's important to note that the bag doesn't do well with water so keep it dry and spot clean only as it is not meant to be washed. Also if you don't like creases do not fold the bag. The cost for 'one bag ah tings’ black and white tote bag pictured below is $4,200 JMD or $32.47 USD. One might think that this is too much for a tote bag, but remember the bag is good quality, heavy duty and will last you a long time.

I'm definitely going to get some more of Those Creative People bags. I have my eyes set on getting the "Jet Setta" tote bag which is perfect for my mini weekend travels. Definitely check out their collection as they have bags to suit every taste. There are different size totes great for grocery shopping, a beach day or a casual outing. They also have men's and women's t-shirts, planners, fans, cards and tags.

If you do not reside in Jamaica don't worry, you can place your order online at : tcptings.com/ and if you are in Jamaica you can still order online or choose to pick up your order at the store.

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