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I cried after the Avatar Flight of Passage ride!

Continuing from last week's blog post, I put my things away and I turned around and saw what looked to be an exercise bike. I was like what the hell is this and my sister looked at me with same puzzled look. I waited 3 hours for this? My sister said "after all that wait this better be worth it! We sat on our respective bikes. We were told to sit as close as possible on the bikes and put our feet on what seemed to be pedals and grip the handles. I felt a sit back push against my back. It felt a little uncomfortable. I was hungry and tired but I came too far to turn back now. We were told to put on our glasses and then the attendants left the room. The room got dark and the screen on the bike lit up. I saw my face on the screen and an avatar's face beside it. I saw my face merge with the avatar and it said start syncing. I said to myself what is this? I felt a vibration at the top of my stomach from the bike and it slightly frightened me and I looked at my sister and she was like "what's going on?" It did that for about a minute and it showed the progress of the syncing on the screen on the bike. Then when it was completed it said sync complete prepare for fusion or something like that. I then heard a countdown and all of a sudden the wall in front of me turned into some form of a screen and next thing I know I blinked and I'm in Pandora.

I swear I'm not lying, I gripped that "bike" so hard because I was like what the **** is this! Next thing you know I'm flying in the sky on an ikran otherwise called a Mountain banshee (Avatar fans will know what that is). The ikran took deep dives in the sky and my mind knows this is not real but my eyes are telling me this is real. When it flew near the ground I could smell the grass, when it passed whales in the sea splashing about I felt that water on my face and I could see other flyers and see their experiences on screen. Me describing this is no comparison to what I experienced. When the ikran stopped I felt it breathing between my legs! Crazy right! You couldn't tell me I wasn't in Pandora. My senses were truly awakened on this ride. When the journey was all over and we were "disconnected" from the avatar tears were in my eyes. I couldn't comprehend what I just experienced. I came off the bike and my sister looked at me and said "why am I crying right now? What just happened?" I couldn't even answer because I myself was in shock and couldn't explain what I just experienced but it was AMAZING! I wish it lasted longer.

The ride was beyond my expectations. I really didn't think it would have been that great. It was definitely worth the wait. People had to try and get fast passes for this ride up to 6 months in advance. So if your going to Animal Kingdom to go on this ride get a fast pass and get it up to 6 months before you go because believe me we tried to get a fast pass and none was available hence why we had to wait in the line but we got lucky in the evening where we only waited 3 or so hours.

After the high of the Avatar Flight of Passage ride we had to run to Asia to get on the Expedition Everest Legend of the Forbidden Mountain ride. Luckily for this ride we had a fast pass but we were late. When we got there we explained about the wait for Avatar and they let us in. After all we were only 10 minutes late. We only waited about 5 minutes for this ride. We got on the ride and my sister and I thought there was only one big drop with this ride. Boy were we wrong! First of all it was dark cause its nighttime and I just remember thinking this is the longest roller coaster ride I have been on. We got to a point where the tracks stop and next thing you know we are going backwards, then forwards and then I don't know it was dark. Needless to say I screamed lol Check out the picture to the left. I remember screaming for my mother, I literally just wanted it to end as it just seemed to go on for too long lol. Other than that the ride was fun!

After the ride we were definitely hungry and it was a little after 9pm. Restaurants were already closed and most food vendors too. We managed to find one that was open and got a donuts. Then we rushed to the entrance to catch the next bus out. When we got there it was a long line and when the bus came we didn't make that one so we had to wait for another one. By this time we were already waiting 30 minutes. After another 15 minutes waiting another bus came and we managed to get a seat. We were beyond tired. My feet hurt so bad, especially my foot bottom and I was wearing sneakers (Tip: wear shoes that has memory foam). We finally got to Magic Kingdom and had to wait for our bus back to the hotel. By this time it was a little after 10:30pm. While waiting my sister said "screw this, I'm getting a Lyft!" Within 2 minutes we were in a Lyft back to the hotel. When we got back I had just enough strength to take a shower and then crash right into my comfy plush bed! What a day I had but it was worth it!

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