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Taking a Bite of the Big Apple (Part 3)

So my last day in Manhattan had me waking up late and continuing my Netflix binge with my siblings. By the way it was still raining and cold outside. It also happened to be mother's day. So my siblings were going back and forth as to where to take their mom (my stepmom for dinner). They ended up deciding on a place called Dallas BBQ in Times Square. This day also happened to be the day I had to return home.

At Dallas BBQ I ordered the small baby back ribs (ain't nothing small about it! lol) My sister had their chicken and waffles, my brother had the baby back ribs with BBQ chicken, My stepmom had the BBQ ribs and my father in true healthy fashion ordered the protein meal which had a bunch of healthy stuff in it lol. My sister insisted my stepmom have the Moscato Momma! If you ever visit this restaurant definitely have that to drink. Again, I was amazed with the food portions lol but the meal was definitely delicious!

After a hearty dinner it was time for me to head to the JFK airport to catch my flight back home. From times square I took the E train Sutphin Blvd JFK Station and then the Airtran to my terminal. After going through security checkpoint I checked out some stores until it was time for my flight. All in all my weekend in Manhattan was awesome! I would definitely like to go back for a little longer so I can see more sites and actually go beyond Manhattan to other places lol.

Besides being in New York for the first time, thanks to Google maps I was able to ride the subway like a local without getting lost. It is truly a faster way to get around the city. I did manage to take an uber as well and it was to a short distance but because of traffic it took a little while, but uber and lyft is another popular way of getting around.

Here is a list of useful things to help you navigate around the city:

1. A metro card - its re-loadable and you can even get an unlimited card if you'll be in New York for more than a week.

2. Google Maps app - It gives you step by step directions to getting around the city.

3. Uber app or lyft app - Depends on which you prefer. For getting around the city I've heard that uber is better while from the airport Lyft is cheaper.

4. Yelp App - Use this app to find great restaurants and other awesome places to check out around the city.

5. Comfortable shoes - There was a lot of walking involved so make sure to have comfortable shoes.

6. A leather jacket (during Spring/Fall) - Hey I never expected to use my jacket, however I did due to the rain. New York has schizophrenic weather apparently lol. I visited in May and one day its hot and the next its cold, so it helps to be prepared.

Check out my compilation video of my trip to Manhattan.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have a favorite app to use while in New York.

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