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Taking a Bite of the Big Apple (Part 2)

It's day 2 in Manhattan and it's my brother's graduation! I'm so proud of him receiving his masters in Architecture and receiving an Avery 6 award. Seeing my brother's work and hearing his peers and lecturers speak so highly of him truly made my heart melt. To see the product of his hard work has truly been amazing.

After the graduation ceremony they had a reception for the graduates, their family and friends. Whoever did the catering the food was fabulous! and they had an open bar as well. Of course we couldn't pass up taking LOTS of pictures, after all it was a special day for my brother and we surely overdosed on the photos. Let me just say, the 2nd day in Manhattan turned out to be rainy and COLD. It was a good thing I brought a leather jacket or else I would have froze to death. For some, it was warm, but I'm from Jamaica where its hot all year round, so the 50 degree Fahrenheit weather would be rather cold for me. To think, the day before it was sunny and hot.

Anyway, after the reception and viewing the graduates portfolios we ventured to Hi-Life Restaurant and Grill for a celebratory dinner. It was raining and when we got there we were seated out at the patio area, which was covered by the way, but with clear windows so you could actually see the street traffic and the rain falling from above. It was actually a nice ambiance. The menu had a variety of dishes and had lots of healthy options.

After dinner the sibling bonding started lol. My brother took my younger sister and I to a place called Tea Magic. As a lover of teas this place was heaven. So many choices and you can get added bubbles in your tea! Awesome! It was truly a different experience. I have never had tea like this before. You could either get it cold or warm and there were many flavor combinations to choose from. At first I had no clue what the bubbles were and then I discovered that its these little flavored jellies that are in your tea. Trust me this is a place to try and it was great for the rainy cold weather.

To round off the late night snacks we went to a little Columbian grocer where they had cooked meals and lots and LOTS of deserts. I had a slice of candy bar explosion and ugh! It was chocolate heaven! Since it was a rainy and cold night we decided to go back to my brother's place with our tea and cakes in hand to binge watch Netflix, chat and eat. A good end to a great day!

Stay tuned for Part 3 in my next blog post. Have you ever had Tea Magic before? Let me know in your comments below.

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