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Ready! Set! Sail! - Part 3 - Roaton

So the 2nd stop on my 7 day cruise was Roaton, Mahogany Bay in Honduras. Now, if you know anything about Honduras it's known as a very dangerous place. So to no surprise there were no excursions that were offered outside of Mahogany Beach, Roatan. We were confined to the tourist island for our safety, which I didn't mind because there were actually things to do.

So coming into the harbor looked like something out of Pirate's of the Caribbean passing an old rusty ship and the water looking like something in the deep jungle of nowhere. We eventually docked and it was very quiet, almost kind of eerie. We came off the ship and followed the trail of tourists to the liqor store. We pretty much have to pass through it to get to the rest of the "private" property. Inside the liquor store we were greeted with free samples of rum cream and other liquors (yummy!) We then saw they had specials on miniature liqors such as Patron Silver tequila, grey goose vodka, skyy voda, baileys rum cream and more, each for $4 or $8 USD depending on the brand. So we scooped some up because our cruise it wasn't inclusive of liquor and even though you could buy the big bottles on the ship, they wouldn't give it to you until the final night of the cruise or the day you leave the cruise.

After a mini shopping spree we continued the trail and entered the square where they had various stores and entertainment. We passed a skyline ride which was like $12 but we opted not try it. Instead, we went on the nature trail, which was very short but had nice views. After the trail we passed a bridge where on one side they had what looked to be excursions (but I was not feeling the look of the water) and on the other side you can see the ocean and above you can see tourists enjoying the skyline ride. We continued our trail and finally we arrived to the beach. The beach was equipped with beach chairs and very interesting and fun structures for those photo ops. They also had restaurants, bars and couple other gift shops. We could also get wifi but it wasn't free. You would have to pay $5 USD for all day access. I believe though, we were able to get 1 hour free.

One thing about Mahogany Bay, it was EXTREMELY HOT!!!! As I came off the ship I was sweating on every inch of my body lol. Unfortunately I didn't get to test the water at the beach. Mahogany Bay was very peaceful and laid back, great for those who want a sun tan or just take in the nature. Check out my video below of my time in Roaton, Mahogany Bay.

Check back later for Part 4 of my Ready! Set! Sail! series!

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