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Ready! Set! Sail! - Part 2 - Grand Cayman

The first port on our Carnival Glory cruise was Grand Cayman. On the top of our list was to visit the very popular 7 mile beach. We had to take the tender boat from the cruise ship to the port. It was a relatively short boat ride and when we got to the port our task was to see what deals we could get for a possible excursion. That didn't work out so well so we decided to walk to the beach as a taxi driver said it was about a 15 minute walk. Wrong! We walked for almost an hour to the nearest beach which was at a place called Royal Palms Beach Club.

But let's take a little detour shall we? So we went to Diamonds International to get our free charm (with every port you stop, you get a free charm from Diamonds International), after we got our charm the store attendant convinced me to try on this beautiful chocolate diamond ring. Oh my gosh it was absolutely beautiful and I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of it on my finger. So we're admiring the ring and I didn't think to ask the price because I was thinking it was over a thousand dollars and I clearly can't afford it. So my friend says I notice you didn't ask the price and I was like because I know it has to be an out there figure cause I seem to naturally have an expensive taste. We all laughed but my friend was serious about the price. We asked the attendant how much and you know what he said? He said only $42,000. I nearly fainted. My friend said oh that's not bad $4,200. I said nuh uh the attendant said $42,000, as in US dollars. We all gasped and I was like please take this ring off my finger cause I don't want to go to jail lol. The attended laughed and said "live a little", I said I'll live a little when I find that billionaire boyfriend lol. So that was a little side story, now back to story at hand. Finding the beach.

First of all we walked for about 10 mins till we saw a little path leading to a beach but we didn't really like it because it was quite rocky. We looked ahead and saw other tourists walking ahead so we decided to follow them. We walked and walked and we realized we were passing a lot of private properties and it was obviously too late to turn back so we hurriedly continued. Mind you, we were walking on sand so our journey felt like a hike and forever. Eventually we saw a lot of tourists and lounge chairs and a sign that said free WiFi, so we stopped and it was the Royal Palms Beach Club.

Let me just say this place has the best nacho fries I have ever had! It was nice and spicy and the margarita's were just right. After lunch we found a nice spot on the beach and decided to head into the water. The water was crystal blue. It was amazing! I could see why people talk about Cayman's beaches so much. We spent a couple hours there and when it was time to head back, we took the taxi instead of walking. We were willing to pay the $4 back to the port lol. Back at the port we checked out the shops and was sure to get our souvenirs to take back home. All in all it was a great day perfect for the beach!

Check out my video below for scenes from that day in Grand Cayman. Stay tuned for Part 3 of my cruise series next week!

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